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We are an innovative swiss hospitality brand providing guests with immersive experiences in nature. We develop and place fully self sustainable cabins in pristine locations. The focus is to facilitate our guests to achieve lasting wellness through solitude or guided outdoor activities.



To us providing excellence means controlling the whole development of each site (through agreements with local administrations), designing and building the cabins with our dedicated team, and directly managing each site to enforce our Heima standards.

Our Offer

Our Vision

Creating outdoor sanctuaries for unique journeys.



Sustainability: renewable source energies, 0 carbon footprint, skilful blending with the local social system and traditions


Compliance: Adapting through our legal team to each country legislation, we aim at construction permit free developments


S p a c e : each of our site will have ten (or more) well distanced cabins allowing total privacy: meeting others will be a choice, not an obligation


Farm to table: we commit to proximity sourcing for fresh, light and tasty meals


Flexibility: the set up and dismantling of our cabins is of 4 days. They can be moved by sea, land or helicopter

Key concepts


Lease a cabin: your home in the wilderness with all the hospitality service of an hotel.


Be a Heima owner: for landlords who wants to develop a whole site on their land.


Visit us in our first location:


Val Bregaglia, Switzerland

We proudly work with remote pristine areas, such as natural parks, where traditional real estate developments would be impossible.


Piazza Indipendenza1

6900 Lugano


Tel: +41 799298122

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